Re: VTree RFC

> There is more user flexibility with this widget, you can write custom
> cell-drawing routines, and do things like display a vertical "slice" of
> the tree (i.e. as you expand nodes the closer-to-root nodes disappear
> keeping the visible tree depth constant).

I would suggest that instead of having a "user-rendered-cell", you
support widgets.  That, by extension will support what you want to.

You could also fold Pixmaps into that same case (as these are hard to
get right in the first place in the presence of multi-depth and
multi-visuals, using GnomePixmap widgets will address this in a
correct way that would work on most SGI and Sun workstations with
high-end displays).

>   GTK_VTREE_CELL_TOGGLE,  /* Toggle button */
>   GTK_VTREE_CELL_RADIO,   /* Radio button */



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