Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

Trog <> writes:

> On 27-Feb-99 Jeff Garzik wrote:
> > Along those lines, what are people thinking about Glib 1.3 changes?
> >
> I have some g_string_* additions to make in order to make them
> useful.
> My (short) wish list:
>  o Integrate one of the OpenGL widgets

I don't see the advantage of having this as part of GTK+.
An OpenGL widget is only interesting to a small subset
of applications, and widgets not in libgtk are in no
way second-class citizens.

>  o A canvas widget

GnomeCanvas is obviously the widget of choice here,
and I wouldn't want to try and replace it. Because of the
support that was added for anti-aliased rendering and
some of the other sophisticated features, it's probably
to heavy to be worth integrating directly into GTK+
now. If people want it without the rest of gnome-libs,
then probably the right thing to do is to simply 
split it into a separate library.

>  o Text widget:
>         - underlining
>         - horizontal scrolling

These will almost certainly be added as part of the rewrite
of the Text widget. (The current text widget is completely
non-salvageable, and adding stuff to it is just a bad idea)
> Owen: whats the rush for a short development cycle?

There are a couple of factors

 - We'd like to keep this release fairly narrowly focused and
   backwards compatible. Keeping the timescale short should
   help us from wandering off from that goal.

 - The basic part of the switch to Unicode - changing the encoding of
   strings - shouldn't be that hard to do.  Once we get that out
   there, application developers will be able to make the
   transition. The more complicated job of filling in support for all
   the languages can be done without inconveniencing the application


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