Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

Havoc Pennington <hp@Mcs.Net> writes:

| Given the current Gtk/Gnome division of labor I think this is bad. It
| would be better to have a way to set and get the history, then let
| applications do that. GnomeFileSelection (which would be a subclass of
| GtkFileSelection) could do the dotfile thing since a dotfile library is
| available. 

I think somebody earlier suggested on the gtk+-list to have a
separator in the option menu (where the directory history is listed)
where ones favorite directories could be show (in a submenu perhaps)
so that is should be easy to select.

PS: I'm unfortunately not a developer, I'm just listening...

BTW: Is there any chance that the text in labels can be selected and
copied to the clipboard in 1.4 ?


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