Re: icon sizes

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Bleah.  I would prefer to add another snippet to the GNOME window
> manager hints document.  You would pass the window manager an RGBA
> image which it could scale to whatever size it wants.  The window
> manager would be then responsible for scaling, color reducing, and
> dithering the image.

Granted, no one really wants to supply a bitmap icon anyway, but it is a
gap in the Gdk API.

For Gnome, I think it's better to just set a GdkWindow as the icon; the
only problem is that I can't figure out how to capture events on the
window, since the window isn't a widget. Well, I can think of a hack or
two but not a nice way.

Once you get events, the WM is responsible for sizing the window to a size
it likes; we just capture configure events, scale the icon image, and set
it as the background of the window so we don't have to fool with exposes. 
This even works with old window managers as long as they are ICCCM
compliant, right? If it works I don't see a reason to add something
complicated to the WM spec. We can provide a Gnome convenience function to
do this given a GtkWindow and an icon filename.

Speaking of that I guess the WM spec needs a maintainer - we should get
Jay, Marko, Maciej and other people working on Gnome-compliant WM stuff to
do that...


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