Re: ICCCM compliance question ...

"Andrew P. Lentvorski" <> writes:

> What about dual-head applications?  twm/mwm and it's ilk fire up
> two separate window managers for :0.0 and :0.1.  Wouldn't this
> mean that 1 application which spawned off two windows on different
> displays would need two WM_CLIENT_LEADER - one for each display as the
> display characteristics could be very different.

GTK+ has no concept of multi-headed applications ...
every window must be on the same display and same screen;
so until that changes, there is no point in worrying about

But not only that, as Felix says, the WM_CLIENT_LEADER is
associated with the application, not with the it's display
on a particular screen, so it doesn't make much sense
to talk about having multiple client leaders.

(If the session manager for the window manager for :0.1 
isn't the same as the sesssion manager for the window
manager for :0.0, then if an app is displaying windows
on both screens, things just aren't going to work nicely.)


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