Re: Exporting the Gtk+ object system to interpreters

On 9 Jan 1999, Marius Vollmer wrote:

> Marius Vollmer <> writes:
> > Ok, we need to make some progress.  I don't think I can convince you
> > about my view of the things.  Either you go ahead and implement your
> > version and I cope with it (which I can, I'm sure); or you let me
> > implement my version without making gratuitous changes.  You decide.
> What are you going to do about this, Tim?
> I don't consider this as some kind of tournament where one of us wins
> and the other one looses.  I'm very much prepared to be proven wrong
> and then stick my head wherever you want me to put it, but please let
> us move on.  If you don't want me to put my stuff into Gtk+, please
> implement your version, but do not ignore the issue.

i will implement something along the lines of what i proposed earlier,
taking into account your worries about destroy notification. i've not
been ignoring the issue, but got distracted by provider problems and catching
a flue. since we are currently in feature freeze, i'll hold on with the actuall
implementation until we have again branched CVS gtk.

> - Marius


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