Re: Exporting the Gtk+ object system to interpreters

Marius Vollmer <> writes:

> Ok, we need to make some progress.  I don't think I can convince you
> about my view of the things.  Either you go ahead and implement your
> version and I cope with it (which I can, I'm sure); or you let me
> implement my version without making gratuitous changes.  You decide.

What are you going to do about this, Tim?

I don't consider this as some kind of tournament where one of us wins
and the other one looses.  I'm very much prepared to be proven wrong
and then stick my head wherever you want me to put it, but please let
us move on.  If you don't want me to put my stuff into Gtk+, please
implement your version, but do not ignore the issue.

- Marius

Go Meta!

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