Re: GtkSCText (was: Timescale issues)

>>>>> "D" == Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

 D>      Thomas, We're looking at redesigning/recoding the GtkText
 D> widget.  I have some questions with regard to your GtkSCText
 D> widget.


The only thing I really need (and thus the only real difference
between gtktext and gtksctext) is to add data to the text properties
in the underlying widget, so that I can know which part of the text I
have highlighted...and it wasn't really done properly.  There should
have been a g_data_list I guess...

Aside from that, the only complains I have about the text widget is
that it's very slow, and must of the interesting functions for
movement and editing are static and hidden in the .c file.


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