Re: GtkSCText (was: Timescale issues)

>>>>> "D" == Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

 >> Another problem is that the GtkText re-write that was slated for
 >> 1.4 hasn't been done yet (AFAIK). This is gonna hurt.

 D> 	There's a widget in the gIDE module called "GtkSCText" that
 D> they are using for their editor.

 D> 	It *appears* to be an enhanced/fixed GtkText, but I haven't
 D> had a chance to use it.

 D> 	Can anyone elaborate on it?  Could we use it as a replacement
 D> for GtkText?

Definitely not!  GtkSCText is a (rather ugly) kludge.  I needed some
stuff in the text widget, for the GtkEditor widget.  I patched the
text widget for some time, but the VDKBuilder people got tired of this
(can't say I blame them) and Ionutz Borcoman wrote a small program for
generating a new widget - gtksctext - created by patching the text
widget and renaming must of the functions/variables.  So GtkSCText is
really just an automatically generated widget, based on GtkText.  And
it's rather broken in many places.

The GtkSCText in gIDE is, I think[1], a hacked up version of one of
these generated sctext widgets.  I'm not sure how stable that one is,
but I doubt that it's a useful replacement for the text widget.


[1] I haven't looked at the gIDE source for some time now.

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