Re: new widget

On 24 Aug 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> plex <> writes:
> > hi folx,
> > i'm just in need of some widget classes, so here are my suggestions what i
> > would like to contribute and some general questions about the starting point
> > 
> > AreaList
> > 
> > a list that does not order their items in a horizontal list but in a sorted
> > direction, like the icon-view of gmc or the pattern-selection in gimp (which
> > is otherwised implemented) 
> > I thought about a widget class, where the programmer can set the direction in
> > which the items are layed out, and if the widget got resized, the items reorder.
> > I searched the widget tree but didn't find any of it. So if there is a need
> > for it, I'll write it. I need it for a fixed-size pixmap-pattern chooser.
> If I understand what you are talking about, Tim Janik implemented
> a widget called GtkWrapBox recently that does pretty much this,
> which he wanted to put in GTK+-1.3
> (Tim - is this available somewhere?) 

if you are right and he actually talks about a container that will layout
widgets, wrapped at the left or lower margin (i also have problems gathering
what exactly he's aiming at), then yes: the wrap boxes are actually available
in the gle module in GNOME CVS in the ./gle/ directory.
the required files are

gtkwrapbox.[hc]  (base class)
gtkhwrapbox.[hc] (horizontal wrapping box)
gtkvwrapbox.[hc] (vertical wrapping box)

the sources can easily be extracted as there are no gle specific dependancies
in these widgets, except for an extra perl script and a rule to
autogenerate gtkvwrapbox.[hc] from gtkhwrapbox.[hc] ;)
maybe some include lines will need to be fixed, but that should be about it.
these widgets will go into gtk+ 1.3 once we start focussing on the development


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