new widget

hi folx,
i'm just in need of some widget classes, so here are my suggestions what i
would like to contribute and some general questions about the starting point


a list that does not order their items in a horizontal list but in a sorted
direction, like the icon-view of gmc or the pattern-selection in gimp (which
is otherwised implemented) 
I thought about a widget class, where the programmer can set the direction in
which the items are layed out, and if the widget got resized, the items reorder.
I searched the widget tree but didn't find any of it. So if there is a need
for it, I'll write it. I need it for a fixed-size pixmap-pattern chooser.

as a second important meta-object, i'll implement and extend the GtkDialog with
some aspects of usability.
Applications can open their dialogs (file-selection, color-selection and
application-specifics...) through a dialog-manager. Think about color-pickers,
font-pickers and other popup-buttons.
The user/programmer maybe don't like to have many requesters open, or maybe only
one per class. Maybe he doesn't like confirmation-buttons and just want have
realtime-reaction or maybe modal ones.

here's a list of attributes a dialog-manager could have:

- open ONE_PER_CLASS, ONE_AT_ALL, ALL new dialogs
  (if ONE_PER_CLASS or ONE_AT_ALL, he give the output-focus of the dialog to the
   new client, if it is already opened)

please give me a feedback if something of the above can be usefull for us all,
so I'll write it in a gtk+ source-code conform style 8)

so long,
plex []

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