Re: gtk+ development

Elliott Hughes <> writes:

> what's the best way to submit patches to GTK+ to ensure
> that they're taken notice of? i sent a patch to gtk-list last
> Friday, and have heard nothing relating to it. did anyone
> notice? does anyone object to it? will anyone see that it
> gets incorporated?
> i even formatted my changes in something approaching
> the horrendous GNU style (may K&R have mercy on my
> soul) in the hope that such a transgession against all
> that is right and good would increase the chances of
> my patch being accepted.

I've been away some in the few weeks, and busy others.  And I'm about
the only one of the core GTK+ team who has anything to do with Text
widget. Unfortunately, the timescale for looking at patches can be
fairly long.

gtk-list is not the right place to post patches; you have
a number of options (and combinations thereof):

 a) Patches to fix bugs are best posted to the bug tracker.

 b) patches that need discussion should be posted here.

 c) patches can also be uploaded to incoming on
    (see the README file there). 
For speed of response, I'd rank those methods as b), a), c).
For making sure your patch isn't forgotten about, a), c), b).

To refer to the specifics of your patch:

 a) gtk_text_clear() won't go in. The GtkText widget will
    be replaced for GTK+-1.4. And no API additions are being
    made for 1.2.

 b) the patches for inserting \t and \n look reasonable.
    We're trying to get a 1.2.4 out now. I don't know
    if it will make that, but if not, it will make 1.2.5.


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