gtk+ development

what's the best way to submit patches to GTK+ to ensure
that they're taken notice of? i sent a patch to gtk-list last
Friday, and have heard nothing relating to it. did anyone
notice? does anyone object to it? will anyone see that it
gets incorporated?

i even formatted my changes in something approaching
the horrendous GNU style (may K&R have mercy on my
soul) in the hope that such a transgession against all
that is right and good would increase the chances of
my patch being accepted.

i've submitted bugs and patches to Sun long enough to
cope with long delays before getting any kind of response,
but i'd like to know that my patches aren't being ignored
because they should have been sent to gtk-devel-list
instead or whatever. how long should i expect to have to
wait before hearing something? if i hear nothing, is that
an implicit acceptance? (i don't imagine it is, but don't
really know.)

or should i be talking directly to whoever is looking after
the gtktext widget? (is anyone looking after it?)


"Intelligence ... has caused our troubles; but it is not
 unintelligence that will cure them." -- Bertrand Russell

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