Re: GtkCList insert seg fault

Vaughan Shanks <> writes:

> Hi all,
>   I'm doing some GTK programming under LinuxPPC.  I have gtk-1.2.0.  I
> have been able to put a GtkCList into a window, but as soon as I try to
> insert items into it, whether using insert, append or prepend methods,
> the program dies with a seg fault.
>   My code is almost exactly the same as the sample code included with
> the distribution.  I also tried running the example which uses GtkCList
> and this crashed with a seg fault also.  When I run gdb over the core,
> it says that the error occurred in, which leads me to the
> conclusion that it could be a GTK problem rather than a problem with my code.
>   Does anyone know of any patches or workarounds I could use?  BTW,
> GtkList works okay, but I prefer the GtkCList.

Can you provide: 

 1) An example program that triggers the problem. (Does the testgtk
    program built as gtk/testgtk work?)

 2) A stack trace of where it dies

Hundreds of programs use GtkClist succesfully, on many different
platforms, so we need a bit more information here...


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