Re: Patch for wheel mouse support

Colas Nahaboo <> writes:

> In my experience, the only usable solution is to have the widget under the
> mouse scroll. Other behavior constantly surprise people (netscape currently
> forces you to click in the desired frame to scroll, this "keyboard focus" can
> drive you mad :-), and scrolling the widget under the mouse gives you the
> tremendous functionality to be able to go scroll a window without loosing
> where you were in your widget, extremely useful under (X)Emacs!

My 1st patch did have one advantage over the 2nd, though, in that not
all gtk windows with a scrollbar react to PgUp/Down key events (for
instance, the main window of testgtk), and you could scroll vertical
as well as horizontal scrollbars.

However, after a few of days of mouse-wheeling, there is little
question in my mind that the "scroll what the mouse is over" is the
best policy.


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