Re: Patch for wheel mouse support

Kenneth Albanowski <> writes:

> My experience using a wheel-mouse under Windows is that the focus issues
> are not trivial. I suspect that the best approach may be to scroll
> whatever widget has the keyboard focus, but others might just as well want
> to be able to scroll whatever widget was last scrolled, or is under the
> mouse.

Hence my 2nd patch which doesn't seem to have been resent by the
mailing-list yet (speaking of which, this list is awfully slow, it
takes more than 24hrs to process a message), which translates wheel
events into PgUp/Down and therefore allows to scroll the widget which
has keyboard focus. I find this is much more satisfying from an
ergonomic point of view, and in harmony with the "usual settings" of a 
wheel mouse under X.


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