Re: pane pain

"Michael K. Johnson" <> writes:

> Does it bother anyone else that the pane API is so much different from
> the rest of Gtk?  I see two problems with it:
> First, why is it limited to two panes?  Why not n panes?

- Because it was simpler
- Because I had never seen anybody use more than two panes, 
  and hadn't thought of the possibility.

If somebody wants to contribute code to do this, then that
would be nice. ;-)
> Second why a gtk_paned_add{1,} interface?  At the very least it
> should be gtk_paned_add(GtkPaned *paned, GtkWidget *child, position);
> if the panes were extended to more than two, then ...pack_{start,end}...
> would make more sense.

gtk_paned_add() doesn't work as a name, since we have
gtk_container_add(). I suppose gtk_paned_pack() might be a good name,
though it wouldn't be very parallel to the gtk_box_pack() interface.

(And isn't at all parallel with the current two-panes limitation,
 probably one reason why I avoided it)


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