Re: TrueType and Gnome

On Mon, Aug 24, 1998 at 11:12:14AM -0400, Nelson Minar wrote:
> To reiterate, I'm suggesting two possibilities:
> Build a support library for Gnome to use TrueType fonts as X fonts.
> This requires gluing in xfsft until an XFree with TrueType rendering
> comes out, and maybe making an improved font selection widget. Doesn't
> require any serious change to X, and most of the pieces are already written.
> Build a library for rendering strings with FreeType, not using X's
> font support at all. This replaces a big chunk of how X works but
> would look really nice.

Some months ago there was a proposal by (I think) a hungry
programmer to add an api for font engines in gdk.
Basically it was to better support the features a TrueType and Type1
and so the consensus was to have the font rendering stuff in
the client side.
I think the proposer had an implementation in the workings...


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