GtkList patch


I've implemented extended selection, autoscrolling and key bindings
for GtkList / GtkListItem, similar to GtkCList.

Since there are many differences between list and clist I had to change
a few things...

- key bindings are implemented in GtkListItem. These signal functions
then call the applicable public functions of GtkList. I didn't want
to forward the GtkListItem signals to GtkList, because in this case I
had to duplicate every key binding signal.

- since extended selection needs a sync at the end of a selection, I
need to know when GtkList looses the focus. That's a little bit difficult,
because only the GtkListItems gets the focus. So GtkList connects to the
focus_out_event of every GtkListItem.

- autoscrolling now works with motion_notify_events. I've removed
gtk_list_enter_notify. Because of these changes I had to fix a few things
in GtkCombo...

- I removed a few unneeded variables in GtkList... 

Please check if everything works as expected again...



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