key bind class

I'm working on a class that manages key events in a way different to
accelerators. Instead of binding to a signal connected to an object, the
application is notified through callbacks.

The class is part of an experimental command-based API for Gnome, where it
crucial that key events are bound to callbacks. (Command-based applications
allow the user to easily modify menus, toolbars and key bindings. Every menu
item, toolbar and key binding is bound to a command with name, callback and
some other properties.)

The class also takes care of multi-key sequences, and will handle parsing of
key strings such as 'Ctrl+A A' or 'Ctrl+Shift+Tab'.

Since this class uses no Gnome-specific features, I'd like to ask if it this
is stuff for GTK. It's not ready for inclusion yet, however it would be in a
few days. If you want to know more about it, download and check the
gnome-key* sources and the demo program, or email me.

Oskar Liljeblad (

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