Re: gdate integration

Quoting Havoc Pennington (

> > Please use 0..6 for the valid days and -1 for the bad day. This way,
> > one can work with modulo on week days (well, more easily :-) OTOH,
> > months from 1 to 12 look more "natural" than from 0 to 11 :-/
> I think this is too inconsistent with the rest of GDate... right now all
> values are unsigned, with 0 the invalid value... this means g_date_clear
> just zeroes the struct. If you did this then one of the values would be
> signed, and 0 would be a valid value for it, and it would be sort of
> hackish I think.

You can also fill the structure with -1 :-) But I agree with that
days and months from 0 are "unnatural" (but the whole time/date thing
is "unmathematical" :-)

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