Re: Re: theme support

Ian Grant <> writes:

> Could gtkrc's be loaded from lots of places and effectively merged? 

That works now. Multiple RC files, when loaded are merged
together in a defined manner. (It's a little more complicated
than it should be, be essentially, more specific and or
later definitions take precedence over earlier or less
specific definitions)

> We have 300 machines on this site and I don't fancy putting rc files
> on each of their local disks. There needs to be a user rc file, a
> site-wide file and a system-specific file as well. The site file
> should be loaded first, then the user file and finally the system
> file. If there was some way a user could switch his rc file based on
> $HOST then that would be nice too.

I'm puzzled by your ordering. Certainly the user file should
be loaded last, right? (In GTK+, later RC files take precedence
over earlier files - but in any case, loading the user file
in the middle doesn't make sense to me.)

What one really wants is not switching by $HOST but switching
by $DISPLAY. And I think the right way to do that is to
read RC information out of a root-window property, if one
is present. I think it would be better to avoid making RC
files have conditional pieces, if possible.


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