Re: Misconduct of GTK+/glib Bugtracker Admins

On Thu, 4 Jun 2015 13:11:55 -0600
IgnorantGuru <ignorantguru openmailbox org> wrote:

Greetings.  Not sure where is the best place to bring this - input
welcome - but this email is an official complaint against the conduct

I haven't had the pleasure to converse with Andre Klapper, but I
can attest to the predisposition of Matthias and Emmanuele in more
than one occasion. I can only admire the huge quantity of issues both
are involved in, and they still take the time to answer (sometimes
rather basic) questions of many users. 

As Michael Torrie suggested, if you submitted a patch, and it solves
a real problem, I can't see your patch being refused. Unless it 
introduces more problems than it solves... I'm sure the developpers
would be grateful, as would millions of users.

Anyway, I'm a great open source fan, and I (try to) contribute as
much as I can.


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