Re: any easy way of having a YES/NO dialog return a 1 or 0?

2012/1/17 David NeÄas <yeti physics muni cz>:
On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 04:12:51PM +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Even in english, these boolean YES/NO questions can seem ambiguous,

If you use wordy and convoluted questions such as

 "Are you sure you want to quit without saving"

then nothing can help the poor users. ÂOf course, they are also
susceptible to mistranslation. ÂThe fix is brevity and clarity, not
banning Yes and No. ÂThe question

 ÂDoes 2+2 equal 5?

is not improved by buttons labels âIt is fiveâ and âIt is some other

When is the last time a program asked you that question in a dialog ?


 Â"Are you sure you want to quit without saving ?"

Should typically have the answers: "Save" "Quit"

is nonsense. ÂThis question should not occur in a sensible GUI no matter
what answers are offered.

You are arguing that sensible guis should allow you to quit without
warning the user that there is unsaved data ?

What do you propose instead ?

Are you really suggesting that we revert to unsophisticated
error prone yes/no dialogs that plagued the 90s ?

I think by 2012 we've learned our lessons about this.


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