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Hi Gary,

On 8 January 2012 02:49, Gary Kline <kline thought org> wrote:
o am trying to have a "run" button fork off a new gvim and increase
a global counter after the first gvim is closed.  my main gtk goes
dark and nothing responds in this case.  i don't know if every

If you do this:

  system("gvim stuff.txt");

system() will block until the vim exits, and while system() is
blocked, your gtk application will not be handling events (like

A simple fix is to append a "&" so that the vim runs in the background:

  system("gvim stuff.txt &");

Now the system() will return immediately and your gtk program can
carry on working while the gvim runs.

        i'll try it, thanks.

        i also have two "sleep(1);" in the code.  i'm trying to slow
        the program down, if i remember correctly.  i'm still too
        new to gtk, and so am almost coding blind.

        [[i do have what i want; but with the main application dark,
        i'm stuck!]]

If you want something to stop the user launching 100s of gvims you
need to do a bit more work.

        hm.  no, i wait for the .talk.N.txt.swp file to be unlinked
        before any new gvim can fork-exec.   defensive work is



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