Re: Simple Html-View widget

Just use gtk_label_set_markup().


On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 20:35, Craig <craigbakalian verizon net> wrote:


I am not expert on this issue, but isn't Pango the way to go.  I think
you should look up the Pango functions or how gtk deals with the Pango

Craig Bakalian


in my application I store some Text data in xml files.
Some nodes are displayed via a gtk-label or an gtk-entry, others are
displayed via a gtk text-view.

Now I want to extend the text-view (and storage) with the capability to
handle some formated text.
I just need things like bold text, linefeed, maybe headers and colors.
Since I don't want to create a own text storage format and I am using
already xml for text storing
html would be nearby.

Is there some Gtk-Widget like the textview/buffer which can render simple
HTML Tags?
If not, what is your recommendation for my problem.


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