GtkCellRendererText markup property issue

Dear All:

I have encountered this issue with gtk-2.20 & gtk-2.22.

I have a GtkTreeViewColumn with a GtkCellRendererText for which the "cell draw data func" has been set via

Then this is the critial part in the cell data func:

                        int id;
                        string no, name;
                        char buff[1024]; // for debug
                        gtk_tree_model_get((GtkTreeModel*)model, iter, 1, &id, -1);
                        name=GetFullAccountName(id, &no);
                        sprintf(buff, "[ <b>%s</b> ] %s", no.c_str(), name.c_str()); 
                        // The Following 2 lines are critical
                        //g_object_set(cell, "text", buff, NULL);     // line A 
                        g_object_set(cell, "markup", buff, NULL);     // line B

If line A is uncommented (and B is commented), it produces the correct (or expected) result, see attached 
file clip1.jpg.

However, when line A is commented and B is uncommented (as shown above), the result will be wrong!

This "erratic" behavior is not consistent. For this record, it always shows wrong result, but for most all 
other records, the results would be correct.

Anybody has any clues?

Thanks a lot!


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