Re: Regarding GTK Entry keys

Hi Ashok,

This might be because of the incorrect hardware keycode for the function
keys on your embedded system. The key events that you mentioned (Backspace ,
Delete , etc) are activated through key bindings in Gtk which needs a valid
hardware keycode.

You can try modifying the keymap table for this. xmodmap utility can be
helpful for the same.

Cheers ,

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:27 AM, AshokKumar G <ashok sysprogrammer gmail com

        I am new to GTK+ programming. I have created a test application
with GtkEntry on embedded system based on ARM and backend target is
DirectFB-1.2.9. I am able to enter the text into GtkEntry field. But when I
use BackSpace, Delete, Arrow Keys (left or right for navigation), no action
is taken. In my test application I have registered call back
to verify whether event is coming or not, when I press backspace the event
is coming and I am returning FALSE from that call back function. But no
character is getting deleted on backspace/delete key press.
        But when I run my same test application on PC GTK+same version with
backend target X11, then all the actions are performing as expected.
        Could some one help me on this?

Thanks & Regards,
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