Problem with multiple selection in TreeView


I'm using GTK+ 2.20.1 and I notice a wrong behavior on the multiple selection.
I've connected a callback to the signal "cursor-changed" and within of if I
get the selection in this way:

sel = gtk_tree_view_get_selection(list_view);
model = gtk_tree_view_get_model(list_view);
rows = gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows(sel, &model);

list_view is a GtkListStore data structure.
So when I selected with keyboard I can see here a multiple selection but
when using the mouse and holding <shift> it never happens and just give
a one-row selection.

I also noticed that when I click two times it works as expected, 
like click to select the first row, press <shift>, click to select the fourth row, click again on the fourth 

It has the shape of the bug to me but I hope I'm missing something :)



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