Re: gtk_list_store from XML UI not storing strings

The gchar type represents only one character. To store a string you
should use gchararray

2010/4/24 endeavormac <endeavormac gmail com>:
I have designed my interface with glade, and have set up what I believe to
be a good, valid GtkListStore. Here is the corresponding XML:

 <object class="GtkListStore" id="list_results">
     <!-- column-name thread_id -->
     <column type="gint"/>
     <!-- column-name hostname -->
     <column type="gchar"/>
     <!-- column-name bytes_sent -->
     <column type="gint"/>
     <!-- column-name bytes_recv -->
     <column type="gint"/>
     <!-- column-name data_sent -->
     <column type="gpointer"/>
     <!-- column-name data_recv -->
     <column type="gpointer"/>

I am trying to add a row to this list store, but for some reason my string
is turning into an int.

This is my test code:

   GtkListStore * liststore;
   GtkTreeIter iter;

   liststore = gtk_builder_get_object(builder, "list_results");

   gtk_list_store_append(liststore, &iter);

   char * test = NULL;
   printf("%x - ", test);

   gtk_list_store_set(liststore, &iter,
                      0, 1,
                      1, "asdf",
                      2, 2,
                      3, 3,
                      4, NULL,
                      5, NULL,

   gtk_tree_model_get (GTK_TREE_MODEL(liststore), &iter, 1, &test, -1);
   printf("%x\n", test);

The first 4 columns are displayed, and all of the gint columns display
correctly, exactly as expected. The 1st column (the gchar) displays as -124.
The output to stdout is: 0 - 84.

I am at a loss for what is happening and what I am doing wrong.

- Alex
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