How to suppress text on GtkCellRendererToggle

I'm trying to make a column in a GtkTreeView which shows only a
checkbox, tied to a column in the underlying GtkTreeModel which is a
gboolean. I have defined the renderer to be a GtkCellRendererToggle.

The problem I'm having is with display. I'd like it only to show the
checkbox. I can write a cell data display function to read the value
from the model and set the checkbox appropriately. That works fine. But
if I make the underlying value a G_TYPE_INTEGER then the column displays
1's and 0's along with the checkbox. If I make it a G_TYPE_BOOLEAN I get
the word "TRUE" or "FALSE". There doesn't seem to be a "text" property
connected to the renderer, or anything else that controls the displayed

How do I suppress this text and just show the checkbox?

                Randy Poe

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