Re: Treeview Row Count


Is there a function to give the number of rows in a treeview?

You probably want to know how many lines are in the GtkTreeModel that
serves as data source for GtkTreeView. There is no simple function
that would serve you this number, so you'll have to take one of the
two available paths:
1) maintain number of rows externally by increasing/decreasing it on
2) traverse the whole model and count the lines

If you go with second option, gtk_tree_model_foreach function may be
of help. Sample counter would look like this:

---- CODE ----

gint no_rows = 0;

gtk_tree_model_foreach( model, (GtkTreeModelForeachFunc)count, &no_rows );


static gboolean
count( GtkTreeModel *model,
       GtkTreePath  *path,
       GtkTreeIter  *iter,
       gint         *no_rows )
    return( FALSE );
---- CODE ----


Tadej BorovÅak
tadeboro gmail com
tadej borovsak gmail com

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