GtkTextView copy-paste default handler problem


I'm using GtkTextView in my application for writing chat messages
including smileys. When smiley characters are written I change them to
corresponding smiley Pixbuf. The smiley characters I add as association
to pixbuf so that I retrieve them when I send the message.

I want to restrict copy and paste to just text format. For this I've
connected to "copy-clipboard", "cut-clipboard" and "paste-clipboard"
signals. Unfortunately this doesn't stop default handlers from being
called so everything gets copied twice. I added
g_signal_stop_emission_by_name() calls to my signal handlers but it
didn't seem to have any effect. I even wrote function that unregisters
all GtkTextBuffer serialize and unserialize formats but that didn't help

How can I prevent default copy handlers and have text only copy-paste?

- Tuukka

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