Re: GtkTreeStore and row deletion

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On Wed, Sep 02, 2009 at 02:56:12PM +0200, pwieser trychlos org wrote:
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I don't fully get the problem you are describing.  If I understand
correctly, you have a tree model where each node points to a
Isn't it the case that when a row is destroyed that contains a
G_TYPE_OBJECT column, this will unref the value in that column?

Are you affirmative about that ?


It would be great in this case, but appears as undocumented. Or, is
it ?
However, in the previous version, when I unreffed the object from
GSList, I don't have observed that same object be (silently)
a second time when the row was deleted. I think Gtk would have
me in this case...

Maybe you forgot to release new references from gtk_tree_model_get()
produces copies, i.e. if you get an object you get a new reference;
similarly, if you get a string you get a newly allocated copy).


From gtk_tree_store_set(): "The value will be copied or referenced
by the store if appropriate". I may have missed this !
I will check this this evening, by counting instance_init() and
instance_dispose() respective occurences.

Thanks a lot for your explanations.


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