Re: [semi-OT] gdb backtrace on windows

my problem is that when my program crash i get from the backtrace only these
two rows

#0 Â0x77c035e4 in ?? ()
#1 Â0x00000000 in ?? ()

what am I doing wrong?

Nothing, probably, that would cause this unuseful backtrace, you just
have bad luck and the program crashes in an unfortunate context where
gdb is unable to display a meaningful backtrace. Probably because the
code is in some system library that lacks debugging information gdb
would understand, and additionally uses a calling conventions gdb
isn't aware of.

The most likely cause for weird errors is heap corruption. Does your
program run on Linux? Have you tried running it under valgrind to find
heap corruption errors? (See for
instructions, in particular the use of G_SLICE=always-malloc is


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