Re: Strange behaviour with GtkTreeView multiple row selection

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 5:22 AM, Andreas Ronnquist
<andreas ronnquist meritkonsult se> wrote:
I have a problem with a GtkTreeView - Multiple row selection is turned
on, and so is dragging. The problem is that when selecting several rows
via holding the CTRL key - and then when starting the dragging (by
clicking on some of the selected rows and moving the mouse (dragging)
- the last item that I click on to do the actual dragging is switched
to be non-selected. This results in a drag containing all items, exept
the last clicked.

Do you mean that when starting a drag and drop operating with the
control key pressed, the item that you click on is deselected?

The explanation for that would be that each time you ctrl-click a row,
its selection state is toggled.  The decision whether or not to drag
is made at a later stage (after the mouse pointer has made a given
amount of movement), so at that point the row has already been
toggled.  I agree that this doesn't look all that nice/consistent and
needs fixing.  Usually drags are started with shift/ctrl to indicate a
special action with regard to the drag, not the selection.



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