Re: GtkCombo events

Actually it is a ComboBoxEntry that you need, which is derived from a ComboBox:

This is just a combination of a Entry with a ComboBox, so if you know how Entry and ComBox works, changing a Combo to a ComboBoxEntry should be relatively simple.


frederico schardong wrote:

I search, but not find the answer of my question..

What event is going on when the string selected of a GtkCombo is chenged?
From Gtk documentation:

|GtkCombo| has been deprecated since version 2.4 and should not be used in newly-written code. Use GtkComboBox <> instead.

When using GtkComboBox, you can cast the combo box to a entry widget:

entry = GTK_ENTRY (GTK_BIN (combo)->child);

and now you can use the "changed" signal to detect when the contents of the entry widget has changed.

I had to convert a couple of GtkCombos to GtkComboBoxes myself, some time ago, so if you need some help please let me know.


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