Re: Closing a window.

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Subject: Closing a window.
From: Sunburned Surveyor <sunburned surveyor gmail com>
To: gtk-app-devel-list gnome org
Date: 05/28/2009 03:27 PM

I'm a Java developer that is brand new to GTK and not the world's
greatest C programmer. (I'm acutally working with GTK in an effort to
become more familiar with C.)

I'll help you, if it rids the world of a Java programmer. :)

Can you guys give me some things to check in my code that might lead
me to the cause of the problem? Perhaps I'm messing something up with
the signal connection.

If you copied the "Hello World" app 1:1 then there's your problem. The delete_event callback is not set to close the window for you. The comments for the app should point you in the right direction. In particular, the comment on line 15 and onward. ;)

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