Re: Stop alt-spacebar window menu

Bill Farmer wrote:
I am porting a native windows application to linux gtk. I want to stop the alt-spacebar key combination popping up the application window menu. This can be done in windows by capturing the WM_SYSCHAR message. After searching though the gtk documentation and sources, the only way I can see to do this is by copying a file from the gdk sources, modifying it, and compiling it with the application.

You probably will not have any success doing this unless you are able to control the user's environment. Things work differently on X11 than on Windows. The alt+space key combo is likely handled by the window manager, which will eat the key and react to it and not even pass it on to your application.

I'd suggest not using shortcuts that use only alt as the modifier. While there's no standard relating to this, usually those end up getting "reserved" for use by the window manager, or for accessing menus via the keyboard.

This is complicated by the latest gtk source tarball not including gdk. Is this because gdk hasn't changed since the last version that contained it? Am I missing something?

You're mistaken... all official release copies of the gtk 2.x source include gdk. Where did you get your copy?


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