Re: How to get GtkImage resize of widget container?

No, GtkImage doesn't resize the pixbuf automatically for you. You will have
to do it manually whenever you get a resize event. Thus you will need to
store your original image in an off screen GdkPixbuf, and on an resize event
create a resized copy through gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple() that you then
provide to the GtkImage. Don't forget to unref the rescaled pixbuf after you
pass it to GtkImage so you won't get a memory leak.

Hope this helps.


2009/3/14 Luis Gonzalez <ghempresa hotmail com>


I have a GtkImage inside GtkViewport.

I want that GTKImage resize with the width/height of the widget container.
I try to use gtk_widget_size_request method of the widget but it hasn't the
actually width.

Anyway to get GtkImage automatically fit width/heigth to adjust to widget

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