Re: examples/list.c

Hi Deron,

Please don't reply to me directly. The entire list should be able to benefit from this discussion.

Deron Kazmaier wrote:

I'm sure he know that, but is it available or not? I would think it should still be functional otherwise it would not be binary compatible with existing applications.

It's available, but you may have problems with it. There have *always* been problems with it IIRC (one of the several reasons its been deprecated since 2.0 [or maybe 2.2]), and it's unsupported and unmaintained. So basically, by using GtkTree or GtkList you are saying, "I'm assuming it will work perfectly, because no one will help me with using it, and no one will fix bugs that I find in it." I can almost guarantee you that approach will be problematic.

I have my own set of problems with GtkTreeView that prevent me from using it. I suppose the correct thing for me to do would be to simple write my own GtkList. Would probably be easier that fighting GtkTreeView...

Why not describe your problems with GtkTreeView instead of just dismissing it out of hand? Perhaps they're just the result of a misunderstanding about how it works. I'll agree that there's a bit of a learning curve to using GtkTreeView, but after you figure out how it works, it's very powerful and flexible and can handle doing just about anything you can think to throw at it.

And really, it's not that hard to use. If you intend to do any amount of gtk programming in the future, you'll need to learn it (as the concepts behind GtkTreeView are used in other parts of gtk; see any widget that makes use of GtkTreeModel or GtkCellLayout). Even if this is just a one-off app and you never intend to touch gtk again, you'd likely be saving yourself some time and frustration by learning how to use GtkTreeView properly.


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