Re: When in Full screen mode, dialogs make system menu appear (replacing app menu)

On 03/09/2008, Garth's KidStuff <garthskidstuff gmail com> wrote:
 In my app, I go into full screen mode and then bring up a dialog.  The
 application menu goes away and is replaced by the system menu (Applications
 Places System, etc.).  I don't want this behavior, and I don't see any
 reference in the documentation.  Is this a bug?

That's just how most window managers work and there's nothing GTK+ can
do about it. If you don't want that behaviour you either write a
custom WM and tell your users to use it instead of the default or you
don't use top level windows besides the main one.

You really have to design your app thinking about the whole
environment where it will work, and GTK+ is far from being the sole
component in said environment.


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