Glade (Re: What widgets in TES Construction Set?)

About Glade. I tried to create something simple (which I don't
remember now) it didn't succeed. The menubar was simple, but
this equally simple thing was too hard. I will check it again
and post to glade lists someday.

It would be nice if there would be complete examples which
could be grabbed and dragged to the project. This equals to
adding complete subgraph of widgets to the project.

For other project, I need an audio waveform display with
callbacks and with overdrawn controls (draggable selection edge)
and displays (playhead time display moving with the pointer).
It would be nice if I could grab an example of this kind of
thing, and then modify it to my taste in Glade.

Such an audio waveform display may require multiple pixmaps.
If waveform is moved forward, only the new revealed waveform
is drawn, and the rest are copied. One pixmap could contain the
waveform and other the controls (which are widgets), the final
rendering then composite of the two pixmaps.
All the code making the framwork work could be part of the Glade
(not the waveform drawing, not the audio reading).

Then if I have an Open File dialog, I would want Glade to generate
me a framework code for opening the audiofile at background
thread, if necessary. If the waveform drawing LOD file is missing
it needs to be generated and that may take time. At meanwhile user
should be able to continue editing of other audio.

Threads etc. are standard part of modern software so they should
be easily available. If Glade searches for means to extends its
cababilities, this would be the way.


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