Re: GTK from assembly

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 1:58 PM, Gabriele Greco <gabriele greco darts it>

On 3/26/08, Jason Ward <nyad55 gmail com> wrote:

It didn't work.
was there something else I am supposed to do after I download this
bundle. I
do have the run-time installed since I installed Pidgin

Note that there is at least one version of Pidgin that installs a private
copy of GTK inside it's directory, so you cannot see it from your
application, install the full GTK+ bundle:

And place your executable in the path where DLLs are.

If your assembler don't let you build executables maybe you should tell it
where to find GTK dlls or def files, I cannot tell you how to do that since
it's specific to your development enviroment, but you find all the
developers files in the package in the link.


Thanks this works perfectly

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