Re: GTK from assembly

It didn't work.

Exactly what didn't work?

Please consider that what you are doing probably nobody has done
before, as far as I know. You never told us exactly why you need to
use GTK+ from assembly language, on Windows even.

To me that sounds like a somewhat odd idea. You would basically need
to create a language binding to GTK+ for your assembler. Depending on
the features of the assembler, it might be possible to declare structs
in it in a somewhat similar fashion as in C, and thus
straightforwardly translate the struct definitions from the C header
files to your assembler's syntax, for instance. Or if not, you would
need to calculate the struct offsets and define symbolic names for
them. Or something like that.

And most importantly, I can't really imagine there would be a lot of
other people that would be interested in this, and could cooperate
with you... I might be wrong, though.

 was there something else I am supposed to do after I download this bundle.

Exactly what "this bundle"?


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