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AlannY wrote:
| Hi there, my name is Alan.
| I have a custom widget and I want to change mouse cursor while it exists
| on some (custom) area of my widget. So ANSI art:
| +-----------------+
| |  Custom widget  |
| |    +------+     |
| |    | area |     |
| |    +------+     |
| +-----------------+
| I need to change cursor from "pointer (arrow)" to "hand" when mouse cursor
hovers over that area.
| I think, I need to capture "motion_notify_event" and check where cursor
| places, but how to change cursor image? I found a "gdk_window_set_cursor"
| function, but it takes "widget->window" as a parameter (not area).
| I'm really sorry, but now I can't check it. Is it a right way?

I'm getting ready to just about this exact thing, with 1 minor difference. My
"area" is a separate GtkVbox (which will have it's own window).

I haven't coded it yet, but from my looking at the dev pages
        1) yes, you need to enable the GDK_ENTER_NOTIFY_MASK mask
        2) you need to capture the enter-notify-event & leave-notify-event's
        3) in the enter/leave notify events, you need to issue a
"gdk_window_set_cursor" (which means that in the enter, you will need to
actually create that cursor, at least the 1st time, "gdk_cursor_new..."

Most of the info on enabling NOTIFY MASK, and the enter/leave signals (and what
the signal handler receives :) is documented in the GtkWidget page.

Hope that helps. I'll be doing this in about a week, more or less, so if you
have more questions, a week from now, I should be able to give you fresh info.


best rgds,

- -Greg

| Thank you.
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