Re: Screenshot of a GtkWindow

On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 13:32 +0200, Gabriele Greco wrote:
I need to make a screenshot of a GtkWindow from the program itself

We used code from gnome-utils's gnome-screenshot/gnome-screenshot.c and
gnome-screenshot/screenshot-utils.c to add a capture capability to
java-gnome (we wanted window decorations and all, not just the GdkWindow
behind something; the drop shadows are nice too). We use this when
generating our API documentation, for example:

I certainly appreciate now that gathering a screenshot (window borders
and all) is very tricky and involves some voodoo mucking about with X. I
am quite thankful that such code existed to be reused.

Unfortunately it's not a library as yet, so we had to copy it manually.
Our import of it was a bit hack-and-slash, but our versions of the above
two files, as gnome_screenshot_capture.c and gnome_screenshot_utils.c,
can be found in ïa checkout of a java-gnome in the src/jni/ directory,


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