Re: svg pixbuf loader on Windows

The Windows binaries for the svg gdk-pixbuf loader are in the
svg-gdk-pixbuf-loader package. The currently latest version is at
It requires the librsvg DLL, in the librsvg package in the same
folder.  And the librsvg DLL then requires libcroco and libgsf. The
libcroco DLL then again requires the libxml2 DLL, and the libgsf DLL
requires the bzip2 and zlib DLLs. Finding those are left as an
exercise to the reader. They are in hopefully logical locations on the
same site. Note that in particular, binaries for stuff not directly
part of the GNOME and GTK+ stack is in ../../dependencies. Please
follow up if you find that something is missing...
Thanks for this. I think I have the stuff and I think I have poked it in
the right places, but so far no joy. The gdk-pixbuf.loaders file in the
directory below c:/program files/Denemo seems to be ignored. 

With another program that loads .gif images, if I hide the
gdk-pixbuf.loaders file, the program says that it is missing (on the
console). But I can hide it in the Denemo tree and I get no complaint. I
am not sure that Denemo needs other pixbuf loaders (are the standard gtk
icons loaded with one?). In any case the contents of the
gdk-pixbuf.loaders file looks suspicious, entries like 


/devel is not (never has been) a path on my windows partition.

Finally, (if I am not trying your patience too far) do I need to be
worrying about 2.4.0 versus 2.10.0, or will it be happy at runtime with
anything it finds below gtk-2.0? I ask because all the earlier pixbuf
loaders had a different naming convention (libpixbufloader-gif.dll while
the svg one was just svg_loader.dll), but perhaps this is because it
doesn't belong in the GTK+ stack.

Thanks again for your help
Richard Shann

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