Re: Dynamically adding a wiget to a container created by glade

You can add your widget to glade instead of playing fancy container tricks.

Here is an example where you add a completely virtual widget class:

You'll find the full documentation here:

These docs apply for dev glade (3.5.x), most of it applies to stable as well,
if you need help getting your custom widget working, poke us
in #glade3 on


On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 6:08 PM, Ravee Kondrakunta
<Ravee_Kondrakunta phoenix com> wrote:

I had set it. Any other input. Is this the right way to do. Becase I am getting the instance created by 
glade and using that I was trying to add new widget.

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Subject: Re: Dynamically adding a wiget to a container created by glade

On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 03:52 +0530, Ravee Kondrakunta wrote:

I created a dialog with glade. In this dialog, I have a HBox with two widgets, one is the label and the 
other widget will be determined at the runtime.

In the code I got the reference to the HBox using get_widget after loading the glade file and then I am 
adding my widget to the HBox using the reference from the XML. The code compiles properly, but the widget 
is never shown.

Here is sample code for that...

xmlRef = Gnome::Glade::create("");
Gtk::HBox *pMyHBox;
xmlRef->get_widget("myHBox", pMyHBox);

Lets us assume I need to add one more label the the "myHBox"

Gtk::Label lab("new");
pMyHBox->add(lab); or
pMyHBox->pack_start(lab); or
pMyHBox->pack_end(lab); etc..

I tried all possible ways to show it.. Unfortunately, I couldn't see it on my dialog.

Please help me where I was wrong...

you have to set the 'visible' property of your new widget to 'true'.

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