Re: Conversion functions.

I looked at the code and I as far as I also think 
that something should be printed to stdout.
The only thing I could see in the code was that malloc
wasn't used to allocate char *buf in the args to function


On Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:08:19 +0200
David NeÄas (Yeti) <yeti physics muni cz> wrote:

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 01:45:09AM +0200, Magnus Myrefors wrote:

yeti>> I have tested your minimal testprogram with the whole
test-file. Unfortunately the program doesn't print anything to
stdout. It doesn't seem to be any data stored in the GSList
or in the datastructure, Data *data.

If there is any line that starts with a digit (after
possible whitespace), it has to print either the data or an
error.  If it doesn't, then there is no line whose first
non-whitespace character would satisfy g_ascii_isdigit(c) or
it does not end up in the list. This means either
- g_ascii_isdigit(c) does not evaluate to TRUE for digits
  on your system
- g_slist_prepend() does not work
- g_slist_reverse() does not work
- the file looks different than you sent

Which one is it?

(I tried to print a field
every time a new line was about to be read in the while-loop).
Furthermore, I wonder if the test,
 if(end == start)
   failfield = "Latitude";,
can conclude that the string was converted correctly with
g_ascii_strtod(). If g_ascii_strtod() converts only a fraction 
of the string, it will result in (end != start) and failfield
won't be set which results in no output to stderr.

end is the input to the next conversion, therefore failfield
will be set in the next conversion (or trailing garbage
message will be printed if it was the last).  Unless the
file contain one of the few possible cases of concatenated
floating point numbers that can be parsed back -- these can
be catched by checking whether *end is space or '\0'.

But this does not matter at all.  Either way you get *some*
output, either data or errors (or both in the case of
trailing garbage).  You must get some output even if
g_ascii_strtod() and strtol() return completely random
values.  So I just don't believe you.  Period.


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